Rebrand or Refresh?

Rebrand or Refresh?

by | Aug 3, 2022 | 0 comments

Suffering from a brand identity crisis? Our company has firsthand experience in rebranding, so we understand how daunting the idea can seem. Rebranding is a complete rebuild from the ground up. Your company would have to get a new name, new brand identity, new website, and more! But is all that really necessary?

Here are some questions you should ask before deciding if it’s time to rebrand or refresh your company:

  • Is the company identity still authentic?
    Is your branding a good reflection of who you are and what you do? Has your brand identity stayed relevant as your business has grown over time or have you moved on to new things? Have you stayed true to a certain corporate culture and discovered your authentic brand voice, or is it changing into something new?
  • Have you allowed for growth?
    Do you see regular growth or have things stagnated? Continuous development of your brand should be in lockstep with your strategic business objectives and take equal priority.
  • How appealing is your brand?
    Customers connect with brands that have a personality. While your current clients may know you and the good work you do, where do you fall with regard to attracting new clients and business? If things have stagnated, then rebranding may be an opportunity to engage with potential clients on a fresh level.

After thinking on the above, what conclusions have you drawn? Is it time to refresh with a little change to keep things relevant? Or is it time for a total rebrand? If the latter seems to be in order, here are some helpful tips from us about rebranding:

  • Media and Your Message
    The message of a brand is often lost when marketing. Don’t be too focused on making the logo and visuals flashy when rebranding, but rather focus on the message you are trying to send.
  • What’s Your Launch Plan?
    A total rebrand is not something that can be rushed. Be prepared to develop a timeline for when and how you will make changes. Simply outlining the basic vision won’t get you very far — plan for what you want the brand to be in the future as you continue to grow.
  • Communication Is Key
    Don’t make the mistake of only focusing on external audiences and clients — make sure your internal team understands why you are rebranding and feels good about the change. Without support from inside, your rebrand may just fall apart. Get input from your team; as insiders, they may have ideas for improving in ways you haven’t thought about!

Are you ready to refresh or take on a rebrand? We can help with ideation, design, positioning and messaging, and more. Contact us for a free consultation and start elevating your brand today.