If you’re of the mindset that public relations is as obsolete as your old AOL account (apologies to those still holding on to theirs!), consider this: PR, when strategically executed as part of your marketing toolkit, can play a critical role in branding your product or service.

According to a recent Forbes article, unlike TV, radio or print advertising, PR has evolved and is as relevant now –  if not more relevant – than it was two decades ago. That’s more than we can say about that old AOL account!

While PR in the digital age may look a lot different, tactically, from what many traditional marketers are accustomed to, it remains one of the most effective methods for disseminating information, positioning your brand and building genuine credibility. In fact, PR in the digital age can reap new and exciting benefits that traditional PR methods couldn’t touch. For example:

Greater Reach. In the past, you might have shot out some press releases that garnered good — maybe even great — earned print media coverage, but reach was limited. Today, the sky is the limit if you happen to connect with the right bloggers or social media influencers from your industry. These media mavens may have thousands of followers who are more than receptive to hearing what they have to say.

More Control of Image and Reputation. Use your social media accounts to help build a favorable image of your organization and manage public opinion. Do this by crafting flattering and engaging stories about your brand, reacting to other large stories and effectively responding publicly to negative comments.

Increased Online Presence and Enhanced SEO. A relatively easy and inexpensive way to enhance your online presence is by using digital media to leverage your PR-related content marketing. For instance, posting press releases to your company’s website and social media platforms easily integrates PR with marketing. You also can build your SEO by distributing press releases through such services as PR Newswire and Business Wire to expand your reach to thousands of online sources.

Improved Analytics. One of the biggest benefits of digital media is that it allows you immediate access to PR campaign results and far more accurate ROI data. Nowadays, there are countless online tools right at your fingertips to track budgets, online visitors, views and clicks, and social media analytics. As you know, hard numbers speak volumes when presenting marketing initiatives to the C-suite.

Whether 1990 or 2020, a strategic marketing plan that incorporates public relations is always in fashion. For more best practice tips and PR strategies, visit our blog. And if you’re looking for well-rounded, highly experienced PR experts to help elevate your brand in the digital age, contact Incricia today!