You may think that public relations is just for big business, but growing businesses can also benefit from a smart PR strategy. Here are five public relations tips that will help your business thrive and survive.

  1. Build Relationships

Start by building relationships with the media. Building relationships with the media could be as simple as one-on-one outreach to reporters and editors, to sponsoring a news show or inviting a blogger to an event.

If you have a positive media presence, you can have a voice that will support you during strategic growth and key company milestones, as well as sustain you during times of potential controversies. This will allow you to keep a positive spin on things and allow you to control the message.

  1. Always Be Responsive

Staying on top of any story is important. This means being quick to respond to any requests for an interview. If you have a business issue, be sure to respond well and promptly.

  1. Partner with a Charity

Partnering with a charity or lending your time to a good cause can be a great way to build some positive PR. This charity initiative should be newsworthy and noticeable.

Studies have shown that Americans are more likely to support charitable organizations. Charity will solidify customer loyalty, increase sales, and will help you forge a positive image for your organization.

  1. Link PR and Marketing

A successful PR campaign not only will provide support in case of crisis, but it also will increase sales and return the investment. Public relations can be important when promoting a new product or entering in a new industry.

Be sure to always stay on top of your press releases. In addition, consider having a social media section in order to build your brand’s presence online.

  1. Know Your Audience

Knowing your market is the biggest of all these public relations tips. The PR campaigns of a professional services firm, for example, are going to be very different from a brewery. With different audiences, you will need to target different sources of PR and different strategies.

Be sure to understand which strategies are best for your specific market, such as how much to invest in social media and which journalists/influencers to target.

Taking Advantage of These Public Relations Tips

While it may seem like a tough investment, hiring a PR company to execute these public relations tips is probably your best bet. PR companies can take their experience in various industries and established relationships with media to ensure your return on investment.

If you’re looking for the ideal PR company for your business, be sure to contact us!