Public relations is an essential part of any well-rounded, modern marketing strategy. PR can help reinforce your brand’s credibility and visibility, as well as providing support to the other facets of your marketing efforts. Public relations has remained a powerful force in growing awareness and brand presence — even maintaining its relevance through the jump from print to digital media. It’s also one of the most affordable and cost-effective methods of disseminating information.

Ready to start working on your next public relations strategy? Consider these best practices before you begin, to help you nail it!

1. Align public relations with your business goals

Public relations is not an island; it simply cannot function without a deep integration with sales, marketing and business development teams. Don’t be afraid to tear down the barriers between departments when it comes to public relations. After all, PR finds the most success when its strategy is fluid and stays lockstep with your business goals.

2. Build and sustain momentum with regular original content

Fresh, relevant and consistent — the three tenets of quality content. Regularly posting relevant content to your social media, website, blogs and in press releases will help improve SEO, grab customers’ attention and ultimately drive profitable customer response. Easy-to-digest infographics or short videos can deliver content in an interesting and memorable way while supporting your primary business goals. To help keep the content flowing easily, look outside your own company – utilize and integrate the news and events occurring around the industry by keeping a finger on the pulse of the prevailing trends. Staying current on issues affecting target markets can give you an easy “in” with audiences.

3. Making the most of each release

Your press releases can be compelling, perfectly timed, relevant and well-written – and somehow still be buried in an editor’s crowded inbox. Refer to the following tips to help improve your visibility and effectiveness when sending your next press release.

  • Avoid mass mailing. Try instead to reach out to journalists or bloggers personally from publications relevant to your audience’s interests. A personalized and genuine communication with the right person is infinitely more impactful than a full broadside approach.
  • Speaking of personalized communication, build relationships founded on trust and respect with the journalists that are relevant to your market. Being seen as a helpful asset can only serve you.
  • Utilize the power of an online press release distribution service like PR Newswire, PRWeb or Business Wire to help broaden your reach. PR distribution services have powerful audience targeting options and can allow your release to reach journalists and influencers you couldn’t have on your own.
  • Capture and use every bit of information. These releases are for awareness and engagement, but their data is wildly valuable. Insights from press release data such as engagement and media impressions can be used to fine-tune your next release. You also can use reactions to your release to discover and identify influencers and journalists that are relevant to your market. Press release reporting can be a vital tool to demonstrate ROI as well.

4. Create personal connections through thought leadership and executive branding

Like branding an organization, more and more companies are branding their people – leveraging leaders’ expertise, passion and acumen to embolden the brand’s credibility, strength and relatability. “Executive branding” has gained plenty of traction in recent years, with research showing it can have a significant impact on an organization’s exposure, the quality of the press they receive and the outward appearance of your company culture. Branding your people has the added benefit of giving you additional avenues to distribute content and connect with customers.

Keep these practices in the forefront of your mind when building your next public relations strategy. For assistance at any step of your strategic journey, think Incricia. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.