The field of public relations is constantly changing and provides functions that are essential to business success. Whether it’s running a new campaign, communicating on the internal or external side of operations, or simply a public relations strategy for how to convey a message to the public, public relations does it all. 

In an industry that is always shifting and adjusting, it’s important to keep up with the trends and new tactics that are always being created and implemented into the field. 

In recent times, especially with Covid-19, we’ve seen the true colors of brands and how they represent themselves. For 5 main things that will shape the future of public relations in 2021. 

Public Relations Strategy 

Public relations and communication are all about constantly evolving and re-constructing your brand to keep it true to the values and mission of the company, and what is the best way possible to do so. 

Nearly every field that deals with an audience needs a public relations strategy. While each field will differ on what that strategy is, there will always remain standards and practices that can apply to all. 

There is a lot to be learned by studying past public relations situations in the past. One great way to do this is through the reading of case studies. 

1. Brand Identity 

In public relations and marketing, it is arguably discussed that brand is everything. Your brand and how it is portrayed to the public have a direct correlation with how your company is perceived. 

Recent trends have shown that younger generations, such as generation Z and millennials, are expressing an increase in corporate social responsibility and are making more of the product purchasing based around this. Use corporate social responsibility as leverage to show that you care about more than just your product and service.  

2. Social Media 

Lingering on the topic of the younger generations, social media outreach is the new way to get in touch with your consumers. With the world of marketing and public relations consistently moving towards a digital sphere, social media engagement and management is more important now than ever before. 

3. Risk/Crisis Management 

Every person and business has experienced a personal significant impact due to Covid-19, but in the public relations service industry, it has shown extreme disasters that can prevail without the proper practice of risk and crisis management. 

Being proactive, rather than reactive, is critical for your firm to assist companies in being prepared for any situation that may arise. There is a lot to be learned from the pandemic and how to further prepare. 

4. Influencer Marketing 

The concept of influencer marketing isn’t anything new, but in the sphere of more and more people being bound to their homes and spending more time on social media, this has a lot of potential. Finding individuals with a significant following to endorse your product can elevate your company further.  

5. Policing Fake News 

Several public relations crises or scandals have derived many times from fake news. A piece of information that is completely false or inaccurate tends to lead to a new task for the public relations team, as it is their job to communicate the brand to the public. 

To prevent these potential issues from occurring more in the future, with an active act of policing fake news and being able to shut it down before it reaches a level that threatens the brand, the public relations team can avoid these situations. 

Public Relations in 2021

The world is in a trying time right now, and like always, public relations feel the effects of that. Making sure your brand identity is well-represented, your social media is up to date and relevant, practicing risk management, integrating an influencer market, and policing fake news are all standard practices that should be followed to stay on-trend with this year. 

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