Meet the team.

Who we are.

The Incricia team comprises award-winning marketing and communications experts with diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives, so we curate the perfect team for your project and needs. And, as an entirely virtual agency (no brick-and-mortar), we can source talent from across the country—and the world!

Founder & Marketing Strategist

Cindy Crici (she/her)

Meet Cindy, the creative force and strategic mastermind behind Incricia. She founded the company in 1996, originally Malouin Marketing, with a mission to blend strategy with creativity. As the founder and an award-winning marketing strategist, Cindy is dedicated to developing and implementing strategic marketing plans that help clients achieve their business goals in a creative way. Her role involves identifying target audiences, shaping messaging and positioning, leading the creative team and choosing the best channels to engage customers. With over 20 years of experience in consulting, agency work and in-house marketing, Cindy has a rich background in healthcare, medical devices, nonprofits, skilled trades, private equity, professional services and more.

Away from work, she enjoys soaking up the sun in her garden, attending outdoor concerts and curling up with a good book. Historical fiction is her favorite genre, and she aims to read one book a week.

Her strengths: Marrying strategy and creativity; creative ideation and concept development

Her favorite part of the job: “My favorite thing to do is concept development and ideation. I love helping clients come up with that big creative idea to bring a campaign to life.”

Managing Director

Tiffany Narváez (she/her)

Meet Tiffany, a dynamic bilingual award-winning marketing and communications pro with over a decade of agency and in-house experience. She’s your go-to for everything from project management and copywriting to editing, digital marketing, web content creation, SEO, media relations, social media and branding. Tiffany’s expertise spans diverse sectors, from nonprofits and healthcare to entertainment and professional services, bringing creativity and mastery to every project she tackles.

She spends most of her free time rehabbing her Mid-Century Modern ranch-style home with her fiancé, Brett, with the moral support of their cat, Sally. They’re three years into the project, and there’s no end in sight.

Her strengths: Taking technical information and making it digestible to the layperson; project management

Her favorite part of the job: “I love project management because it’s more than just timelines and budgets—it allows me to work with a diversity of team members and clients. What’s not to love about that?”

Public Relations Specialist

Juliet Babros (she/her)

Meet Juliet, a seasoned marketing communications pro specializing in crafting and executing comprehensive PR campaigns across diverse sectors. Based on her expertise in strategic planning, media relations and thought leadership, Juliet tailors her skills to meet various PR and marketing needs. With more than two decades of experience in corporate and agency settings, she brings a well-rounded perspective to her work. 

When she’s not working, Juliet spends time trying new restaurants, traveling, cultivating her vegetable garden and catching up with friends and family. 

Her strengths: Thought leadership; media relations 

Her favorite part of the job: “I enjoy helping clients leverage their expertise and unique stories to educate and inform their target audiences.” 

Social Media Manager

Mike Ficklin (he/him)

Meet Mike, our social media guy behind the scenes! With a background in aerospace and data visualization, Mike is detail-oriented and always alert to trends. He enjoys managing social media calendars and analyzing metrics to optimize performance. 

In his spare time, Mike takes online classes and recently completed a certificate in Python and programming the Internet of Things (IoT) via Arduino and Raspberry Pi. He’s a faithful L.A. Galaxy fan and enjoys organizing adult pickup soccer, spending time in the kitchen and trying to grow hydroponic tomatoes with limited success. 

His strengths: Attention to detail; rolling with any issues that come up 

His favorite part of the job: “I love when it all comes together—from plan to post.”  

Project Manager

Chad Garbarini (he/him)

Meet Chad, a project manager extraordinaire specializing in digital marketing. He excels in coordinating campaigns and is passionate about delivering results, thriving in fast-paced, dynamic environments. Chad is dedicated to driving success for clients through innovative strategies and effective project management. 

In his free time, Chad loves binge-watching TV shows and movies, trying new foods and restaurants around Los Angeles and Orange County, and spending time with his wife and son. 

His strength: Collaborating with clients, partners, vendors—you name it! 

His favorite part of the job: “I enjoy collaborating with so many different Incricia and client team members. Every project is an opportunity to create and execute something new and to bring success from beginning to end through collaboration.” 


Creative Director

Justin Juknelis (he/him)

Meet Justin, the mind behind captivating designs across various mediums. With expertise in branding, he specializes in crafting logos, brochures, websites, billboards, publications, print ads, web banner ads, packaging—anything you can think of! Justin’s love of graphic design shines through in every project, infusing each with his unique blend of innovation and skill. 

As a devoted family man, he treasures embarking on adventurous road trips with his loved ones, forging enduring memories along the way. During his leisure time, he can often be found playing guitar or indulging his passion for building and tinkering with guitars in his garage. 

His strengths: Creativity; design aesthetics 

His favorite part of the job: “My middle school teacher once asked if I would ever make a living just ‘making stuff up.’ Little did they know, now I’m a creative director, and let’s just say, I’m professionally making stuff up… with a fancy job title!” 

Content Manager

Elizabeth Meredith (she/her)

Meet Elizabeth, an artist driven by her passion for storytelling through social media, website design, graphic art and captivating copywriting. With her artistic flair and creativity, she brings stories to life, infusing every project with authenticity and charm. Whether crafting engaging posts or designing visually stunning websites, Elizabeth’s talent shines through in every aspect of her work. 

She loves spoiling her adorable pups, Remi and Petunia. In her free time, she and her partner, Adam, enjoy taking their dogs for walks and attempting to play video games while their pets beg for attention.  

Her strengths: Graphic design; social media management; illustration 

Her favorite part of the job: “I love working on all things graphic design for our clients! Since each brand is unique, I get to use many different colors, shapes, and logos in the assets I create. Every project is a new adventure.” 

Content Specialist

Katie Mitchell (she/her)

Meet Katie, a passionate, data-driven communications specialist with experience creating digital content in-house and in agency settings. With her keen eye for detail, she excels at identifying gaps and producing content that converts. From engaging blogs and newsletters to social media campaigns and product descriptions, Katie applies creative strategies to curate meaningful, memorable and user-friendly content. 

As an avid traveler, Katie spends most of her free time eagerly planning her next big adventure. Her favorite part of traveling is trying different cuisines and meeting new people. 

Her strengths: Copywriting; content writing; social media management 

Her favorite part of the job: “I love creating content for our clients. I really enjoy getting to know their unique brand voice and weaving words into compelling copy that resonates, informs and inspires.” 

Graphic Content Creator

Susie Narvaez (she/her)

Meet Susie, a bilingual creative force behind engaging social media content. As a talented graphic designer and social media content writer, she brings her passion for art to every project. With a thirst for learning and a growing knack for content creation, Susie is on a journey to make her mark in the digital world, one beautifully crafted post at a time. 

She enjoys experimenting with different creative mediums, from painting to crocheting and everything in between. When she isn’t tackling an art project, she’s exploring new restaurants with friends. 

Her strengths: Graphic design; drawing; social media management 

Her favorite part of the job: “I love developing content for our clients and learning more with each project!” 


Steve Willis (he/him)

Meet Steve. We’re not lying when we say he has a way with words. With over 30 years of writing and editing under his belt, Steve’s a true wordsmith! A master storyteller, he brings ideas to life with detail and flair, whether it’s an article, brochure or web content. His talents include crafting C-suite executive messaging, case studies, human interest stories, sales and marketing collateral, and more. 

Outside of work, Steve enjoys reading (history, action, techno-thrillers and sci-fi are his favorite genres), socializing and volunteering at his city’s renowned Museum of Natural Science. He also spends a lot of time doing the bidding of his feline roommates, Chucky and Peanut. 

His strengths: Storytelling; crafting messages 

His favorite part of the job: “I love fine-tuning and tinkering with language so that what I write sounds authentic while remaining conversational and enjoyable to read.”