Businesses and their marketing departments are often so stacked with duties and responsibilities, it’s no wonder many are collaborating with outside help to optimize their marketing programs. According to a global survey, the outsourcing market has grown dramatically since 2000. With it has come a rise in marketing services being outsourced. What’s fueling this growth and how can it help your marketing and communications? Let’s look at the benefits and find out.

  1. Flexible Scalability
    As marketing and growth goals grow with a business, many turn to outsourcing to serve as an extension of their in-house marketing team. When large projects arise, or goals aren’t being met, outside help can be brought in with flexible terms of engagement. When you outsource some of your marketing, you can easily stretch or shrink to accommodate the needs of a project. They supply expert help without the overhead of having to add full-time employees. Put plainly, it’s a helping hand when you need one.
  2. Fresh Perspective
    Although in-house marketing teams are every bit as creative, intelligent and qualified as an outsourced service, sometimes all a project really needs is a fresh set of eyes. A smaller agency can provide individualized attention to really understand your needs. Whether it be recognizing an issue that’s slipping past detection, or just providing objective feedback, a fresh viewpoint can help strip away any biases or blinders.
  3. Utilize All Channels
    Most in-house marketing teams are stretched thin. This can make it impossible to utilize all channels effectively, leaving them to pick and choose where their time is spent. Digital ad campaigns, direct mail, multiple social media platforms, internal marketing, traditional marketing, newsletters, web development, blog(s), SEO… the list goes on. By bringing in an outside crew of marketing service professionals when needed, you gain access to specialist knowledge and skills that in-house generalists may not possess.
  4. Your Business’ Brand Will Stay Relevant
    The modern world of marketing is perpetually evolving. New ideas are becoming old at record speed. An approach that may have worked last month could fall flat on its face this month, and marketing agencies know that. They spend countless hours studying market trends to remain current, all in the name of helping your brand stay pertinent. When working with smaller agencies, you can expect them to be even more invested in your success, as every client is an important client.
  5. Reportable Results
    Outside marketing agencies are more inclined to prove their value with quantifiable results. This means constant optimizations to strategy and detailed reporting of a campaign’s performance through interpreted analytics.

With all of these benefits, it’s no wonder more and more businesses are seeking to extend their marketing department’s capabilities by bringing in outside resources. When picking a marketing agency to work with, consider boutique choices. A small firm will often provide a better value, as well as showing dedication and personal care that can be tough to find with some of the bigger players.

At Incricia, we create marketing strategies built on a foundation of deep understanding and knowledge. We take the time to get to know your business, team and goals. We employ that information to create communications campaigns with consistent voice, message and values. Let us handle your marketing concerns so you can focus on the core of your business. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how we can help your business grow.