Nearly $29 billion are spent on B2B marketing strategies. Are you happy with the results from your B2B marketing spend?

The new decade is here. Now’s the best time to reevaluate your technique for gaining new customers and retaining the ones you already have.

Ready to skyrocket to success? Here are five marketing strategies for the business to business market to meet and exceed your goals for the new year!

1. Know Yourself

Before you spend a dime, your business needs to take a long, hard look in the mirror. Self-reflection isn’t just for new year’s resolutions, it’s for companies, too.

Lay out your business’ vision and values and work from there. Craft a strong brand voice to help stand out from the rest.

2. Know Your Customer

Once you’ve got a clear picture of who you are, take the time to get to know your customers. Start building customer profiles to see what makes them tick.

Use that data to market to similar demographic segments that might not be aware of what you have to offer. Or, go in an opposite direction and see if you can attract customers outside of that profile for a fresh marketing opportunity.

3. Start Creating Content

Live events are still a winner when it comes to lead generation in the B2B marketing world. That doesn’t mean you can neglect your digital assets.

See what opportunities there are to create content online that resonates with your ideal customers. Make sure your blog posts, videos, social media posts, etc. are informative and entertaining, not just about sales.

4. Think Omni-Channel

B2B marketers that stick with just their website, maybe a blog, and one or two social channels are playing it safe. That’s a great foundation, but to build on it successfully, think omni-channel.

Omni-channel means that you are hitting your customers from all angles with different kinds of content. A blog can be posted on different social media channels, made into a video or a podcast, and turned into pinnable infographics.

5. Customer Service as Marketing

Word of mouth is one of the most valuable ways companies bring in new customers. That means that you should start thinking of your customer service as a marketing strategy.

Make sure you have a strong reputation management system in place. Address the customer politely and try to move any online disputes off of public forums and into private emails.

Answer all reviews, from the good to the bad ones. Highlight positive customer testimonials on your website.

Offer a discount to anyone who brings in referrals. Build on your customer service and you’ll build on your business’ success.

B2B Marketing Strategies for 2020

With these five b2b marketing strategies, you’re ready for the new year. Start with one and add on the others, testing which one gets the best results.

Gather data from your efforts. Always go over what works and what doesn’t and keep improving.

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