Leveraging Digital Marketing in the Summer

by | Jun 21, 2024 | 0 comments

Ahh, these long, lazy days. Vacations, farmers’ markets, cookouts…time to kick back, right? Well, in moderation. Many businesses make the mistake of curbing or outright pausing their digital marketing because they think prospects are focused elsewhere.

Yet, think about how much time people spend on their cell phones during car trips, in airports, or by the pool this time of year. Facebook and Instagram are digital vacation albums that keep eyes on screens. Out-of-towners lean on Yelp or even Nextdoor to find the best places to eat, stay and play. And who wants to relax by the pool or under a beach umbrella without some music on iHeart or Spotify?

Digital marketing is how to reach people wherever they are all year, and that’s especially true in the summer when they may be somewhere unfamiliar—or if they just need to be reminded that you’re waiting for them back home.

Here are a few ways to keep your digital marketing on pace during the summer.

Push Summer-Focused Content with Digital Marketing

Capitalize on the season’s vibe and the time people spend on their smartphones by using short-term marketing themes

Whether on social media, blogs or in email campaigns, keep things shorter and more casual than you usually would in the spirit of a lighthearted summer read. And don’t forget that little touches like summer-related hashtags can be memory points. Don’t believe it? #BeachPlease!

Dress Your Digital Display in Summer Styles

Even if your core message isn’t changing, give your display ads a seasonal refresh. It’ll keep your brand in the moment.

Align Digital Marketing Campaign with Summertime Events

Did you know that July is National Anti-Boredom Month? Ride that wave with more than just Independence Day sales offers.

Sponsorships, as the solo event backer or one of a group of affinity companies, can keep your brand out there with feel-good charity tie-ins, promotions, contests, sports tournaments, cookoff competitions—you name it.

Rebrand the “Back to School” Trope

The American Advertising Federation suggested reimagining the Back-to-School advertising model as Back-to-Work.
Promote offers for when vacation time ends and people return to regular life after Labor Day. This strategy is especially effective for B2B.

On a similar note…

Intentionally “Side-Step” the Summer Themes

This can be particularly attention-getting for goods and services that aren’t just associated with this one season.
For example, an HVAC company might say, “It’s nice and warm outside this summer, but will it be warm enough inside this winter? Tune up your heating system now to be ready.”

Summer always seems like the shortest season, but it’s long on opportunities to keep eyes on your brand. Tactics like these work for retailers, restaurants, and, yes, professional firms, service industries and healthcare.

Year-Round Digital Marketing Help

Still unsure how to keep costs down and engagement up with your summer digital marketing now that summer is officially here?

Incricia can help with a strategy that creatively takes your message to the masses. Then, on your own vacation time, you can relax knowing you didn’t let timely opportunities evaporate—and that you’re staying consistently top-of-mind all year.

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