Internal Marketing: 4 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

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Businesses often go the extra mile to create a personalized and accommodating customer experience every step of the way. But what about the people working behind the scenes to make that customer experience amazing? We tend to forget about internal marketing, and that the employee experience is just as important as the customer’s. Happy, engaged, valued team members excel personally and professionally, and happy people make for a successful business. By leveraging internal marketing practices, employees can feel more connected and confident in the company they represent. Plus, engaged employees also make for great brand ambassadors. That’s a win-win situation!

Here are four ways to leverage internal marketing to boost employee engagement.

1. Embrace Internal Communications Channels

Everyone hates FOMO (fear of missing out), and as hybrid and remote work models become the norm, FOMO can quickly creep up on the best of us. That’s why maintaining effective internal communications is critical. If you don’t already have one, consider a digital employee newsletter to reinforce company culture principles, share company updates and celebrate individual and team achievements. Day-to-day, be sure to leverage the power of dedicated platforms equipped with video conferencing, task management, and team space, all of which promote effective employee communication. These channels help everyone stay updated on the latest news and facilitate informal interactions, build relationships, and create a community within the organization, regardless of the employee’s location.

2. Build Inclusive Teams Through Internal Marketing

Let’s face it: you probably interact with your colleagues more than you do with your family. That’s why establishing positive rapport between employees and their managers is vital to creating a solid team. You create an environment where employees feel connected and supported when you value everyone’s opinions. This fosters a company culture that encourages open dialogue and active listening. Building a solid foundation within your company helps employees nurture relationships with coworkers and managers. Employees who feel comfortable and respected are more likely to feel engaged and, further down the line, voice concerns and address minor issues before they escalate.

3. Internal Marketing to Share Experiences

Shared experiences lead to strengthened bonds and better teamwork. Embrace creativity in your event planning and team days in the office. Don’t be afraid to branch out beyond the old holiday office party! Plan for dinners out, team-building courses and other events inside and outside the office. Get creative and see what works best for you and your employees. These events don’t have to happen in person. Virtual teams can have fun too! Schedule a team viewing party, ship treats to your colleagues or email them gift cards—consider it experimental marketing for your workforce.

4. Personalize and Connect

Get to know your employees. Not their resumes or their LinkedIn pages. We’re talking about getting to know them as people. Take note of the little things they mention during meetings—their pet hamster, their disdain for bacon, their love of plants. Then, use these tidbits to write them a card or get them a gift for their birthday, anniversary, life event, holiday or whatever you deem worthy of celebrating. Witness firsthand how these small gestures can foster a profound connection and genuine appreciation among your team. Sending personalized messages or small tokens of gratitude can make employees feel valued and appreciated, often leaving a positive impression on employees.

Traditional snail mail is an often-underestimated tactic that effectively engages employees outside of work. Everyone loves getting a handwritten card in the mail! That doesn’t mean an e-card or gift card isn’t equally appreciated.

Remember: employees are people, and people should always come first. Value them for who they are and foster your relationships with them, and they’ll be with you for the long haul.

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