How to Use Social Media to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Website

How to Use Social Media to Get More Organic Traffic to Your Website

by | Apr 13, 2022 | 0 comments

At least 84% of the US population now uses at least one social media network. Yet with so many users comes the inevitable competition, and it can be hard to get your brand noticed amid the constant stream of posts. So how do you manage to use it effectively?

The final goal should always be to turn social media efforts into website traffic, which can later be converted to sales. Read on as we tell you how to utilize social media and turn it into organic traffic.

1. Optimize Your Profile

When people need to know about your brand or product, your social profile is often the first they find. Even if they type your name into a search engine, social media pages are one of the first pieces of information they see. This makes it vital that optimizing your profile is the first thing you address when it comes to digital marketing.

Your biography does not need to contain the history of your company. It needs to be concise and clear containing the who, why, and what of your business.

Make sure you get across any important mission statement or goals. Also, as this will appear in search engine results, you may wish to include a primary keyword or two in the bio.

2. Start With One Platform

If you are just starting with social media marketing or you only have a small team, then don’t spread yourself thin. Many companies try to start using multiple platforms without fully understanding them.

Instead, start with research on the social media platform that will best suit your needs and has the right demographic for your company. Begin with this single platform, set up your posting calendar, and get to fully understand how it works. You need to know everything, from how its algorithms operate to the content that works best to how to manage its advertising system.

Once you start to build followers and understand the platform, you can begin to set up another. If you want to get a headstart and open on multiple platforms, then contact a marketing agency to do this for you.

3. Regular Posting

To gain a steady stream of followers, you need to strike a balance between posting regularly and avoiding the practice of spamming the feed of your followers. The more you post, the more brand awareness you build. But that awareness has to give the impression of quality and value.

You should aim to post daily on each platform. Make sure you plan what you are posting in advance so you have time to craft something useful and of quality. Should something newsworthy arrive out of the blue, you can push other posts back to later dates.

Make sure you pay attention to what content is working and what isn’t. Don’t keep repeating the same type of posts if it is not driving traffic back or getting you shares and follows.

4. Take Time to Engage

One of the most vital social media tips is to take time on your platform. It can be easy to create a post and then let it go. But if you don’t interact, people will soon lose interest and the engagement on your platform will grind to a halt.

Set aside half an hour each day. Make sure you respond to any comments or questions on your profiles and pages. Address any reviews, regardless of them being good or bad.

After this, comment on other posts and news that are related to your niche or industry. All of this shows the human face of your company.

5. Use Social Proof

Social proof is the use of third-party reviews and comments to add proof to your brand. When anyone wants to make a purchase or find a company, they tend to look for reviews and comments about that company. If you bring this social proof to them, you can build a relationship of trust much quicker.

Don’t overstuff social proof on your website and social media. It is best used in small amounts over a wide range of places. For example, you may have one positive customer comment at the bottom of each webpage, rather than having a whole page of them collected in one place.

6. Get the Timing Right

If you spend time crafting a value-filled post and release it at the wrong time, then no one will see it. Your platform will have optimum times in which you should release your posts. At first, this may be a case of performing some trial and error to see what works best.

This does not mean you have to be online at that time. You can schedule them using software and set them up beforehand. Generally, the best times to post are between 8 am and 11 am Monday to Friday, depending on the platform.

7. Create Video

Social media marketing combined with video content is an essential tool. With so many posts released each day, it is easy for people to scroll through a feed and miss images. Yet when you make a video, it grabs the attention.

Like any posts, videos should be quality and relevant. Invest in some decent recording equipment and sound recording devices. Use these to craft high-quality, professional content and mix it with more DIY, short posts using mobile devices.

Converting Organic Traffic

Once you have these social media tactics in place, it won’t be long before the increase in organic traffic takes place. Make sure you have your website optimized so that this converts. If not, you will have wasted your time and effort.

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