How to Generate Leads with Social Media Marketing

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A solid social media marketing plan can generate brand awareness, leads and lasting customer relationships. With over 3.5 billion social media users online and 11 new people using social media every second, having a social media strategy is a no-brainer.

Not sure how to generate leads using social media campaigns? Here are a few social media marketing tips that can help.

You can set your business up for success and generate leads with these tips today.

Research Your Audience

Gather research before you develop posts or ads for your social media marketing strategy. Developing a strategy with research can help you develop more compelling content. Otherwise, your content might not resonate with your target audience.

In fact, 74% of consumers get annoyed when content doesn’t match their interests.

Instead, personalization can help you connect with consumers on an emotional level. About 50% of shoppers would pay more if brands provided personally relevant content, and nearly all marketers (98%) say personalization advances customer relationships, too.

Advancing customer relationships can lead to loyal customers, repeat sales and a higher ROI.

Define your audience based on demographic research like:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Education
  • Language
  • Career

Then, gather psychographic research. Consider your customers’ interests, hobbies, online behaviors and pain points. Determine which social media marketing channels they use most often, too.

When developing your social media marketing strategy, you don’t have to include every platform from the start. Instead, start with the platform that’s most popular with your audience. As you strengthen your strategy, you can expand to other social media platforms and channels.

Perfect Your Profiles

A polished social media profile can help consumers learn more about your brand. If they like what they see, they might decide to follow your account. As your following grows, you can start building an audience and generating repeat sales.

First, make sure the information on your profile is up-to-date and accurate. Use a link to your website or a dedicated landing page to generate leads. If it’s not easy for people to find your website, you could miss a chance to create conversions.

Use an eye-catching, branded image for your profile picture. Write a helpful description of your business, too. Consider using a branded hashtag on your profile to help consumers find your unique content.

You can use automated responses on some platforms for FAQs and customer communication when you’re offline.

Create Lead Magnets

Consider freebies (case studies, discount codes, webinars, eBooks, product samples, etc) to generate leads.

First, choose a freebie your customers want. Make sure it’s something valuable they can’t find anywhere else. Then, encourage them to complete a form in exchange for the offer.

You can also use social media to host a contest in exchange for a freebie. When people sign up, encourage them to complete a form and follow your account as a submission.

Use Quality Content

Once you research your target audience, start creating unique, branded, fresh content for social media. Branded content can help brand awareness and recognition grow over time. If you’re using stock photography, however, customers might start to take notice. People might think your brand is ingenuine or cheap if you don’t use original images. You could also struggle to stand out from the crowd.

Diversify your content with images, animations, videos, contests, polls, quizzes and more. You can also use Instagram Stories to create interactive content, which can boost engagement and make your brand more memorable.

You can also collaborate with others to create social media content. For example, you can partner with an influencer. When they promote your brand, share their post on your own account. Working with influencers can help you gain brand visibility and credibility.

Try partnering with other businesses, too.

Otherwise, try posting more user-generated content (UGC). Ask your customers to post photos of themselves using your products or services. Have them use your branded hashtag to ensure the content is easy to find.

As you begin posting on social media, end your captions with strong CTA language. Make sure the CTA is clear, concise and urgent. Strong captions can help you generate more business through social media.

Include PPC Ads in Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on social media can help you gain more brand visibility. Your PPC ads will appear amongst organic content to make the ads less intrusive. You can use a CTA to direct consumers to follow your account or visit your website.

Make sure to use branded images when developing your PPC ads.

You can target consumers based on age, geographic region or other demographics. Specifying your audience will help you create more targeted ads.

If you need help, consider working with an experienced agency before developing your social media campaigns.

Offer Value

As you continue creating social media content, don’t neglect to offer your followers value.

Consumers need to trust your brand before they trust your product or service. Establish yourself as a credible resource by providing helpful content. Avoid using sales-heavy language, which could deter followers.

Instead, try educating, inspiring or entertaining your audience with fun or knowledgeable content.

Review and Adjust Your Social Media Marketing Plan

Once you begin using these social media marketing tips, review your campaigns. Determine which tactics are helping you generate the most leads. Then, start adjusting your campaigns.

For example, you can use A/B testing with your PPC ads to determine which language or images generate leads. You might notice that your customers prefer videos over still images, or that they love polls and quizzes.

Continue changing your strategy over time to generate more business and a better ROI.

Generate Leads with These Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media is an easy, effective way to generate leads online. Use these simple social media marketing tips to get started. In time, your social media campaigns will help you generate brand awareness, website traffic and sales.

You don’t have to develop your social media campaigns alone, though. Working with an agency could make all the difference. Contact our team today to learn more.