Engaging Employees Post Covid

Engaging Employees Post Covid

by | Jun 1, 2022 | 0 comments

It’s a no-brainer that employees who are satisfied and engaged perform better and stay longer at their jobs. Employees can also be considered among the most important ambassadors of your brand – after all their experience is first hand. Active efforts to build a rapport with and involve your employees in building a company climate can also be used as experiential marketing for your workforce.

So, how can we make and keep connections in our changing post-covid world where more and more people are finding work online? While the internet connects us all – what connects your employees to your business?

Following these tips will help to keep employees your engaged:

Cultivate a Company Climate

So you want to create a meaningful connection between your company and your employees?

  1. Set a standard of trust and respect:

An unapproachable hierarchy can be incredibly detrimental to your business. Employees who feel they have a good rapport with their superiors are more likely to voice a concern before a minor issue becomes a major problem.

  1. Get creative in your event planning:

Don’t be afraid to branch out beyond the old holiday office party. Have informal gatherings to promote interconnectivity between coworkers and team members. For remote businesses and workers, try virtual team building activities and games.

  1. Set the tone:

Through posting enriching and wholesome content geared to your employees, you can influence the workplace tone even over the internet.

Create a Welcoming Space

Offices can be simultaneously overly crowded and understimulating, yet even working from home or any familiar space eventually can put a strain on employees eventually. So how can you avoid under stimulation and burnout?

  1. Setting up a space where workers feel comfortable and can connect will help improve engagement. Aside from the importance of having inviting lounges, open work spaces and comforting color pallets throughout the office allow employees a sense of comfort. As a bonus perk, a comfortable and visually appealing space can even make the office a space people look forward to returning to.
  2. If your employees work from home or otherwise online consider hosting events at the end of seasons or important occasions. Otherwise, make sure your employees have an alternative way to connect online if they can’t in person. Many social media platforms allow you to create exclusive groups where your employees can interact in a less formal way.
  3. Allow time and space to move around. Historically human survival and comfort relied on a person’s ability to move. Giving you employees opportunities to break up the monotony and move around will improve both their overall mood and physical health.

Get Social

Around 3.5 billion people, almost 46% of the world’s population, use social media. And that number grows daily. The best thing your business can do is embrace social media and utilize an omni-channel approach – don’t limit your business’ reach to just one blog or platform!

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are among the most overall popular social media sites today – as well as some of the most important to have a presence on for your business. If you don’t already use an internal social media service, Yammer is a popular choice.

Through leveraging both internal and external social media to recognize achievements and happenings within the work community, publish important initiatives for training programs, promote employee-created content you will create a culture of positive recognition and strengthen the company’s community. If you’re looking to elevate your internal marketing and employee communication programs, contact Incricia for a free consultation.