In the last couple weeks, we’ve been bombarded with gloom and doom. While companies and brands scrambled to communicate closings or how their operations were changing, we were faced with disruption all around us.

Brand communicators went into full crisis communication mode and rightfully so. Well, now that we’ve gotten past the shock of it all, let’s all take a collective deep breath and refocus.

If you’re involved with internal communications for your brand, it’s time to start pivoting your COVID-19 messaging towards:

  • Positive and uplifting news about sustainability of your business and future opportunities for your team.
  • Expressing appreciation for your employees. Whether they are still braving coming to work each day for essential services or just adapting to working from home, your employees need to know that you are genuinely grateful for what they’re doing to keep your business up and running during these unprecedented times.
  • Communicating incentives, expanded benefits and sick leave, bonuses, and other ways that you are supporting your team.
  • Helping workers cope with the stress and anxiety with wellness tips and communicating how to access Employee Assistance Programs and mental health resources.
  • Providing creative solutions to the new normal and effective work-from-home strategies.
  • Demonstrating good corporate citizenry and how you can pull together to give back to your community and those in need.

We have a responsibility to build hope and communicate solutions. There’s enough bad news out there, let’s do our part to keep our brand messaging as positive as possible.

Thank you for all you do.