Businesses often finely tailor the customer experience, seeking to accommodate clients every step of the way, and market their service or products as such. What sometimes gets lost in the fray, however, is the importance of the employee experience. Employees who are satisfied and engaged are better able to perform at their jobs, are happier and stay at their jobs longer. They also make great ambassadors of your brand. By utilizing internal marketing practices, employees can be made to feel more connected and confident in the company they represent.

Here are some surefire tips for building employee engagement:

·        Utilize an omni-channel approach – There’s no single magic bullet, so communicate frequently and through a variety of media.

·        Go direct – Direct mail is often overlooked as an internal marketing tactic, but it can be a great way to engage with employees outside of work, where they will share their experiences with family and friends

·        Get social – Leverage both internal and external social media to recognize achievements and happenings within the work community, publish important initiatives for training programs, promote employee-created content and overall aim to strengthen the community through enriching, wholesome content. If you don’t already use an internal social media service, Yammer is a popular choice.

·        Experience together – Consider it experiential marketing for your workforce. Get creative in your event planning, have informal gatherings, create a meaningful connection to the company, as well as their interconnectivity as coworkers and team members.

·        Build rapport — Employees who feel they have a good rapport with their superiors are more likely to voice a concern before a minor issue becomes a major problem.

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