Smart executives understand the link between employee engagement and the customer experience. They know that by building a culture of enthusiasm, the brand benefits. That’s why companies big and small are getting involved in internal social networking. After all, in today’s fast-paced and social media-minded world, it’s a great way to engage with employees.

Yammer is one of the most well known and easily integrated platforms out there when it comes to social networking services for businesses. Used for private communication within an organization, Yammer is a collaboration tool that has the ability to directly improve sharing and connectivity across a company.

With Yammer, a single Office 365 sign-in can allow all employees throughout the world — even those that who work remotely — to have immediate access to internal marketing and communication.

So, if you’re looking for ways to boost employee engagement, here are five ways Yammer can help:

1.      Driving Culture of Communication

With a go-to place for information, Yammer can drive a culture of employees communicating, supporting each other and sharing information.

2.      Creating Community

In today’s world, many employees are often remote, spread across the world and only talk to members of their own team. Yammer provides a place for an entire company to connect and to engage with one another.

3.      Engaging Employees

Not only does Yammer provide a single place for all employees to communicate, it also serves as a hub for information to be shared and accessible to promote engagement and feedback from employees.

4.      Finding Experts

Yammer gives employees an open place to share their knowledge, search for information and ask questions when they would not know where to go normally.

5.      Build Knowledge and Innovation

An internal social network like Yammer can develop real-world organization knowledge with real stories, real solutions and real experiences. All of this value that is getting shared through Yammer could otherwise get lost in private chats and emails. Innovation also can be sparked through sharing company news, insights, successes and challenges.

Are you considering integrating a social networking service like Yammer? Companies like Nationwide and Virgin have already seen success from using the social networking tool.

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