Just look at the numbers. According to the ANA/DMA 2018 Response Rate Report: Performance and Cost Metrics Across Direct Media, direct mail has a response rate of 9% to a house list and 5% to a prospect list. For comparison, the response rate for email is only 1%.

Clearly, one of these marketing methods stands out more. A direct mail campaign helps promote your brand and generate more leads.

Direct mail marketing isn’t dead. And, if it isn’t part of your marketing strategy – it should be! In an age dominated by digital communication it gives your brand a competitive edge.

Here’s what you should know about marketing through direct mail:


Direct mail reaches more consumers than email. Mailboxes don’t have spam folders.

Today, email marketing is more common than mail marketing. Nonetheless, getting a physical letter is more personal than receiving an email.

Sending tangible mailer, engages targets with your brand, increases recall and distinguishes your brand from others.

It’s easy to measure response rates through the mail. You simply monitor how many letters you send versus how many people respond to it through inquiries, coupons or codes. (More on that later.)

Direct mail marketing also supports digital campaigns and increases their effectiveness.

Know Your Audience

The most successful direct mail campaigns target specific audiences. Learn about the demographics you’re trying to reach and use that knowledge whenever possible.

Build a mailing list full of people who are interested in your brand. Divide your mailing list into different groups and customize mail for each category.

Be Human

Your copy should be professional and friendly. This helps “humanize” your brand. Avoid overly corporate or complicated language and long sentences.

Personalize mailers as much as possible. Mention the prospect by name. If possible, learn about their interests, preferences and buying patterns to customize the message.

Always be polite and responsive.

Provide Value

Value is what differentiates direct mail from junk mail. The best mail contains valuable information.

Pull readers in with compelling content. Include important information about your products or services. Describe the benefits customers receive from what you’re marketing.

Feature special offers, coupons, rebates, free samples or promotional itesm, free trials, and other things of value. Using personalized URLs (PURLS), coupon codes or QR codes will make measuring response rates easier.

Be Creative

Make your direct mail more original and inviting by using creativity. Include appealing graphics, colors, design formats, and more.

Consider which kind of medium you’ll choose. According to the ANA/DMA report, letters perform the best of any direct mail format with 15.1% response. However, postcard marketing makes your brand appear more caring towards your customers. We’ve also gotten elevated response rates from dimensional mailers.

Mail Is Marketing’s Old Friend

Around 77% of millennials read direct mail. However, direct mail marketing helps your brand reach people of all ages.

Sure, millennials are more likely to read mail and show it to friends. Still, the more creative and targeted your direct mail is, the higher the response rates are likely to be.

Give your brand the boost it needs and contact Incricia. Your business will thank you for it.