In late 2019, leading research and advisory giant Gartner Inc. forecast software-as-a-service (or SaaS) products were expected to grow by 17 percent in 2020. And with last year establishing remote work as “the new normal” this growth forecast was surely well exceeded.

If double-digit growth excites you, and you’ve got an SaaS idea, then now is the time to launch your new product. But how will you find your audience and sell your product?

SaaS marketing can be very different from traditional marketing but don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn all about marketing digital SaaS products and growing your business today.

What Is SaaS Marketing?

In the online world, the SaaS market is flooded with options for your potential customers and competition is fierce. But first, let’s define what SaaS is so we’re all on the same page.

SaaS is the cloud-based version of a software program instead of downloading a program that lives on your computer or server. One of the best examples of this change was Microsoft changing their model to the monthly model with Microsoft 365 instead of their historic model of purchasing a CD that you needed to download.

The advantages of this type of product include a lower barrier of entry as you’ll charge a monthly service fee rather than a large up-front purchase price. However, since you’re charging a monthly service, you’ll need to continue to provide great customer service and a great product so your customer continue their monthly membership.

The first thing to remember with SaaS marketing is that the buyer’s journey can be much longer and less linear than traditional marketing. You need to meet your buyer where they are in their journey, which can mean starting at the beginning.

So, how do you market to someone who doesn’t realize he or she has a problem to begin with, much less how do you convince them that your product can solve their problem? The answer lies in giving tons of great content for free, and ultimately giving your product to the customer for trying it out for free.

The freemium model has worked for hundreds of other SaaS startups and it will work for you too. You want long-term customers for your business, this isn’t a one-time sale.

How to Market SaaS Software

You need your customers to continue to purchase year after year. So, creating a great product is only half your battle, creating great content is also imperative in your digital marketing strategy.

With SaaS marketing, you’ll want to focus on the long game. And organic SEO traffic is a great way to focus on the longer sales cycle often associated with SaaS products. Additionally, you can tailor your content to the many stages of the customer journey, as previously mentioned.

Don’t think that a written blog is the only way to enter the content marketing world. For your SaaS company, you should consider video marketing as well. Every day over 30 million viewers watch YouTube videos and as many as 68 percent of buyers say they watched a YouTube video as part of their purchasing decision.

And don’t let anyone tell you email marketing is dead. When you’re patient and willing to guide your future customers through this long sales cycle, the email marketing platform can be your highest return-on-investment strategy with the best conversion rates. In fact, SaaS marketing insights tell us that nurturing your future customers through email marketing should be a priority in your SaaS marketing strategy.

When it comes to marketing your SaaS program, you need to be at the forefront of your industry when it comes to providing great content to your customers. Before their purchase, as well as after, you need to be in constant contact with them through regular emails. And you need to show your customers how to use your great product with amazing video tutorials. This is how you’ll stand out in the crowded SaaS market.

Grow Your SaaS Business Today

SaaS marketing can be difficult, but when you focus on the right strategy, you’ll find your ideal customers and impress them with your amazing product. Here at Incricia we help businesses like yours every day to tell their story and attract your audience with optimized content.

If you’re ready to learn more about how our marketing strategy can help your SaaS company, then reach out to us today. We’re ready to help you tell your story and grow your business to the next level.