If you’re a marketer, you already know: The world of marketing is always expanding. The proof lies in two words that have changed the landscape forever: Social media.

You’ll still see signage and even physical print materials around, but social media plans are key when it comes to creating your marketing strategy. With numerous social media platforms and growing audiences, this is a great opportunity to grow your business. Check out our guide below to make your marketing strategy social media savvy.

The Who: Defining Your Audience

Deciding to establish your company’s social media presence is a big deal, but you need to know your audience to be effective.

This is going to tell you so much about where to start. Ask yourself these questions: Who are my customers? What questions do they have? What do they need from me? You can take it a step further and create audience personas. These help marketers unlock the power of empathy, so they can settle into their customer’s shoes.

The Where: Choosing Your Social Media Platform

You’ve signed up for the most common platforms: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Isn’t that enough? It could be, but take a moment to think through the different platforms and how they relate to your business.

For example, ask yourself who your target audience is. Dig into some data and find out where those customers are online. Is your audience made up of millennials? You’ll want to experiment with those main three platforms, but you’ll also want to include the likes of Snapchat. Is your audience Gen Z? It might be time to take up a TikTok account.

The What: Show Us What You’ve Got

Isn’t running a business enough without adding another layer of marketing to the mix? We get it. Social media content plans can feel daunting, especially when you have plenty of other places to focus.

It’s worth the effort, though. Think about what your company does. How can you share more about it? For example, if you have a building company, chances are you are already taking before and after photos of your projects. Share that with your clients! Little touchpoints add up and show your customers what you’ve got. It’s a win-win for you and your customer.

The Why: The Best Laid Social Media Plans

Asking yourself how your business relates to the who, what, when, and where of social media are a great place to start. Why does it really matter, though?

It matters because your answers will be different from other companies. And that’s a good thing because you know your customers best. Taking the time to figure out your answers means you are creating a custom social media plan template, which increases the likelihood you’ll see success.

Ultimately, your business is your “why” and should be your customer’s “why,” too, when engaging on social media. It could be worth seeking help from professionals to strategize create your social media content plan.

The How: Setting Your Social Media Plans Up for Success

Now that you’ve reviewed the five Ws of solid social media plans, you might still have questions. Never fear, though: There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to social media strategy.

Incricia helps manage brands with communication strategies that ensure consistency across your message, brand, values, and overall communication to the world – even the social media world.

Ready to step up your social media game? Contact us today to get your social media marketing plans set up for success.