Did you know that the average office worker receives about 120 emails per day? That’s a lot of emails to sort through. So how do you make sure your company’s emails break through all of that clutter?

Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy used to send emails to past, present, and potential customers. Keep reading to learn email marketing 101 and five professional tips for starting effective digital marketing.

1. Build Your Email List with Permission from Users

A crucial part of email marketing 101 is understanding email permissions. There are different rules and regulations for emailing people in different areas. You should not start an email marketing strategy without understanding these guidelines or working with someone who does.

Once you’ve read up on what you can and can’t do in terms of emailing people, it is time to build your email list. You should build your email list with customers that you’ve gotten permission from to email. Try to segment your email list in order to better target your customers down the line.

2. Create a Compelling Subject Line

A crowded inbox means that your email subject line is more important than ever. You should work to find the type of subject line that works best for your audience. Experiment with different aspects of a subject line such as:

  • Character length
  • Emojis
  • Tone of voice
  • Personalization

You want your subject line to catch your customer’s eye without feeling like spam. We suggest testing different subject lines to learn how your email lists react to different elements.

3. Try to Personalize Your Email

Have you ever received a promotional email that included your name? You probably have. This is a personalization tactic.

Another way to personalize emails is to include topics that you know the receipt is interested in. Using your segmented email lists you can target your customers that have purchased your products and services before, those that expressed interest and more. Try personalizing your emails to get a better open rate and hopefully boost your bottom line.

4. Craft Great Email Marketing Content

It’s essential to send out good email marketing content. Even if you have a great subject line and a personalized email, if your content is lackluster then you’ll struggle to see results. Focus on beautiful design and great content.

Make your email easy to read by using bullet points, images, and graphics. Make your email speak for itself and compel the reader to take your desired action.

5. Analyze Your Data and Pivot

Once you’ve launched your new email marketing campaign it is time to analyze the data. With this data, you should review and revise your email marketing strategy as necessary. It is important to understand what worked in your email campaign and what didn’t.

Know Email Marketing 101

Now that you understand email marketing 101, you are ready to kick-off your next successful email marketing campaign. We know that email marketing can be a lot of work. We are here to help you meet your business’s marketing goals.

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