Is your current social media content strategy a waste of time?

Are you posting daily but see no impact on your bottom line? Is it all hype?

In the US, 71% of Internet users engage with social media at least once a month. In a recent poll, 80% of respondents said they use Instagram to decide whether to buy or not.

Your customers are using social media. You just need the right social content strategy to engage them.

Here are 5 tips to consider when creating content for social media. They will help elevate your brand and turn followers into fans.

1. Choose the Right Platforms

The top three social media platforms for monthly active users are:

  1. Facebook – 2.23 billion
  2. YouTube – 1.9 billion
  3. Instagram – 1 billion

So which ones should you target? It all depends on your customer demographic.

Facebook is losing out to Instagram for the under 35s. The popular photo-sharing service appeals to Millennials of both sexes, especially in the US.

Seventy-three percent of US adults use YouTube. Of all the social media platforms, YouTube attracts those with an income of $75k+.

Let’s not forget messaging tools like WhatsApp and Snapchat. Create a WhatsApp business profile to add your product catalog and auto-respond to incoming messages.

One platform that’s missing is Twitter. Many still request customer service on this platform, so you may want to consider adding this to your mix.

2. Create Great Content

Many businesses don’t have the time or ability to produce regular high-quality content. The result is random posts that everyone ignores.

Why not outsource content creation?

At Incricia, we build powerful prose to promote your business. We’ll work with you to create a content strategy and deliver it.

The key is to make your content tie with your business brand and information your customers need.

3. Schedule Your Posts

Should you post your new content as soon as you’ve created it?

Some social media platforms post to a user’s feed in strict chronological order. That means if you post at 2 a.m. but friends or family post at 7 a.m. your hard work may get lost in the shuffle.

Also, consider your industry type.

Businesses in travel and tourism, for example, find better results posting between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m on Instagram. Friday is the best day to post on Instagram followed by Monday and Tuesday.

Spread your posts throughout the week and check what works best over time.

4. Keep an Eye on Competition

Create a social media competitor analysis to:

  • Identify which platforms they use
  • See how and when they use them
  • Benchmark your own social content strategy success

Facebook offers a free Audience Insights tool to understand your customers. You can also use it to research your competitors.

In your Twitter account, research who else your followers engage with. If their follower count is high what are they doing right?

5. Evaluate Your New Social Media Content Strategy

On Facebook, use Insights to see how many followers you’ve gained. People explore those new followers in-depth.

YouTube offers Analytics to view Channel visitor information. The Demographics report breaks down age, gender, and location.

If things aren’t progressing change your strategy. Statistics update daily so a simple modification will filter within a day.

Elevate Your Brand using Social Media

Random posting doesn’t work. A sound social media content strategy is essential to promote your business.

Incricia is devoted to elevating your brand. Whether it be public relations or digital marketing, we can help raise your business awareness.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Don’t stagnate. Elevate.