Did you know that one third of Americans perform some type of freelance work? Included in this number are content writing professionals who know how to string a sentence together better than others.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone can open a laptop and whip up great content. There are ingredients to creating memorable posts that drive followers to websites.

So, do you want to be a content writer or marketer? If so, then you will probably want to keep reading for our top five tips on how to curate great content.  

1. Write a Killer Header 

About 86 percent of readers say they get their news and facts from social media, websites, and blogs. That means they scroll through hundreds of articles a day, skipping over boring headlines that don’t gain interest.

What you want to do is research keywords relevant to your topic. Then, combine them into a catchy header that highlights the main idea of your article while also popping off the page.

If you notice, news articles always sound more drastic than they are. Some great content examples are: “Man Swallowed Whole by Whale” or “Man Steals Laptop and Kayaks Away.” Both of those stories sound insane and will likely cause readers to click on the post. 

2 Gain Interest with a Headline

Now that you have the reader’s interest in your header, you want a first sentence that makes them stick around.

If you craft great video content, your header is your first sentence. Here is where you want to present a fact that piques the reader’s interest.

For instance, you can talk about how many followers people gain on TikTok every week. That would make your reader want to know how they can gain followers as well. As a result, they will keep reading to see what you have to say on the topic. 

3. Keep It Relevant

Don’t go off-topic. Reader’s attention spans tend to be short. So, if you start babbling about other things that have nothing to do with the main idea of your article, they will click away. Be sure that every sentence has something interesting to say. 

4. Find Your Voice and Style

Writing in a robotic voice won’t keep readers. You want to find a tone and style that reflects your website or product.

Keep it friendly and personable. That way, readers feel included in the conversation. Whatever your style is, be sure to make it consistent with your design and brand

5. Write What People Want to Read

You may have trouble generating ideas for great content sites. The best way to develop relevant topics is to consider your website or product and think about what readers want to know.

Or, you can hop online and find what people search for the most. No one wants to read an article about recycled topics. Think about what is new that you can add to the conversation. 

Hire a Marketing Strategist for Great Content

As all this illustrates, much more goes into creating great content than most realize. You want to ensure you employ the proper SEO techniques and keep your subjects relatable to your followers and clients.

If you need help with your marketing strategies and campaigns, Incricia is here to help. Feel free to contact us today, so we can answer your questions and get you started with your marketing campaign!