by Tonika Reed

Many marketers go around claiming “content is king,” but why let the reign of your content end with one blog post on a single topic? Working to repurpose content on your website might seem too time-consuming or like a redundant thing to do, though not recycling content could be costing you and your business. By not repackaging and republishing old content you could be missing out on reaching a whole new audience, bypassing opportunities to improve your SEO and organic visibility, and dismissing the chance to reinforce expertise and raise your company’s industry profile.  

Repurposing content may take a little time, elbow grease, and even money– although the benefits greatly outweigh the cost. Don’t miss out on this chance to once again share your knowledge. Here are five unique ways to make old content seem fresh, exciting, and even new.  

  1. Shoot Some Video 

Whether you are planning to repurpose a blog post, explainer, or even webinar, adding a video option to the post, or uploading a new Youtube series could be a great way to offer your expertise in a cross-platform way. Video is enthralling, and a must for visual learners. Flex your creativity and throw in some quality infographics with a voiceover, gather people in the office, and have them act out a scene related to the content, or create a weekly series with the CEO discussing key content on the site. The possibilities for this method of repackaging are endless.  

  1. Write an Ebook 

Crafting an ebook can tremendously improve your business’s credibility. With any book, you want to tell a cohesive story, so whether you are stringing together old blog posts, transcribed interviews, or adding links to old webinars, make sure to include additional information your audience has never encountered on your site before. Not only can you use ebooks for recycling old posts, but this type of repurposing could potentially become a way for your business to make a little bit of passive income or capture leads by offering the book as gated content as well.  

  1. Offer an Online Course 

This is a great option if you have someone who can teach the content offered on your site or blog, or if you have a backlog of video content from recorded webinars, video conferences, etc. Creating a course shows that your business is so good at what it does and that it can teach others to do so as well. This offering can be marketed by email campaign, or even by sharing the opportunity on social media.  

  1. Tell All In a Podcast 

More than likely your audiences are busy people with full lives. One way to ensure that you are reaching them is by converting old posts into a podcast or podcast series. This could be done simply by hiring someone to read old blog posts, or by developing a show internally where someone from the company interviews industry experts and discusses topics on the site or blog. This method of repurposing content increases credibility, and also can help create more traffic to your site by having old blog posts, and site resources listed in the show notes.  

  1. Craft a Case Study  

Go and gather some data for this repurposing idea. Case studies show your audiences that you are an expert at whatever you do. This data can show that you are making smart business decisions, or educate your audience on trends you’ve seen in the industry as well. Demonstrate your effectiveness and diligence by offering a case study in the form of a blog post, or content offer that can be a free or low-priced download for subscribers or visitors to your website.  

If you’re looking for new ways to refresh and repurpose your content, Incricia can help. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.