Survey Recruitment Direct Mail Campaign

Peel Research and Incricia had partnered on several occasions throughout the years, but this one project stands out for its novel execution and break-through response.

As marketers, we understand the value of market research. But what happens when you can’t get busy medical professionals to participate in your online survey — even with an incentive?  You call on Incricia for help. That’s what Peel Research did.

To give a little background, historically the target group had been extremely difficult to recruit causing ongoing challenges for the client. They were using email invites, but when the response dropped from five percent down to one percent, Peel Research realized it was time for a change in strategy. We decided to deploy a direct mail campaign utilizing a plastic postcard with eye-catching graphics instead of joining the clutter of email invitations that are typically used for online survey recruitment.




Creative Ideation



Marketing Management


10% response rate (that’s more than twice the typical direct mail campaign and ten times email response!)

Priceless research insights

Client Kudos

“I’d like to thank the Incricia team for their excellent work keeping us on time and on budget. The mailer response greatly exceeded expectations. Their approach helped us improve response rates from 1% with email to 10% with the mailer, making it much more efficient, but also helping us get a better representation of the sample.”

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