Brand Refresh

Approaching its fifth anniversary, the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council was facing a bit of an identity crisis. Success had come rapidly, with a large and influential membership enthusiastically supporting a new wave of natural refrigerants that are gentle on the earth’s fragile ecosystem. However, the nonprofit’s brand—including its logo and website—had not kept up with its growth and increasing visibility.

A Refrigeration Council board member connected the organization with us to lead a brand refresh. We started with an audit of the brand, a brand identity questionnaire and conversations with the Refrigeration Council’s in-house team to thoroughly understand the needs and goals of the refresh. Working closely with the team, we created a compelling new logo with a fresh, streamlined look. In addition, we provided tactical and specific recommendations for the website to clearly and concisely communicate the group’s current identity, goals and activities.

We also collaborated with the Refrigeration Council’s team to develop an organization-wide communication strategy. We made sure the plan, while comprehensive, was also simple and straightforward, making it easy for the Refrigeration Council to manage and implement. We continue to meet weekly, collaborating on strategy and content, as well as providing other marketing and communication support, when needed.


  • Strategy
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Communication support
  • Messaging


  • The new logo is memorable, easy to read and consistent with the organization’s refreshed brand identity.
  • New and prospective members, as well as other visitors to the revamped website, can quickly get a clear idea of the purpose, goals and activities of the Refrigeration Council.
  • With a formal communication plan and a clear communication strategy, Refrigeration Council team members are better able to create effective communication, craft message points that meet strategic goals and prioritize the timing and placement of external communication.
  • SEO: Moved from 5th page to 1st page for search word “natural refrigerants” on Google
  • Social Media: Since December, our total audience size across all platforms has grown by 37%
  • Newsletter: Since December, our newsletter audience size has grown by 42%
  • Website Engagement: Compared to this time last year, the number of website visitors has is 55% higher and the number of website clicks is 182% higher

Client Kudos

“Cindy and the rest of the Incricia team are an absolute joy to work with. Cindy is such a positive person, and she always brings great energy to every meeting. On top of that, she is masterful in everything she does. Two qualities in particular stand out: First is her skill. She simplified our new communication plan into concrete and actionable recommendations that are easy to understand. Thanks to her, we are confident we have a communication plan our team can implement. Second, she is so creative. Her ideas have really elevated our communication, and she often puts a clever spin on pieces that make them stand out. In addition, Cindy has been indispensable in helping us adapt our plans and navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. It is such a pleasure to work with Cindy, and we are endlessly grateful for her support and guidance.” — Morgan Smith, Manager of Programs & Operations, North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council

About the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council is an action-oriented nonprofit dedicated to advancing natural refrigerants to create a more sustainable, climate-friendly future for supermarket refrigeration. The organization is focused specifically on tackling the unique set of challenges natural refrigerants face in North American markets to make them an attractive option for supermarkets. The Refrigeration Council is committed to bringing together experts—engineers, end-users, consultants, contractors, service technicians, manufacturers and others—to contribute to initiatives that address each issue area. Together with its board of directors, members, and partners, the Refrigeration Council is working to show how natural refrigerants can be a win for the environment and for business. For additional information, please visit