What defines a great brand? Is it recognizability or celebrity endorsements?

All the great brands in history have a powerful and innovative manifesto. This manifesto sets out a clear path for one’s brand. It presents a clear picture of the intent and driving force of a brand.

One cannot have a successful brand with a lousy manifesto. As the foundation of a brand, the manifesto must leave an impact. This impact should resonate with people around the world.

While often overlooked, the creation of a brand’s manifesto is hard work. One must keep in mind that a brand transcends both a product and a company.

A great brand manifesto has three critical elements. This article goes into detail on each element and why a great brand cannot exist without them.


The crux of any good brand manifesto is the question of why. Why does this brand exist? Why is it different from any number of other brands?

Without a firm answer to the question of why, a brand is doomed to fail. The purpose of a brand should be expansive and wide-reaching. It should be centered around more than just making money.

The greatest brands of all time, like Nike, all have a specific purpose for their existence. This purpose should be focused on making some change in the world.

There is no excuse for thinking small. If one wants to create a large amount of brand awareness then the brand itself must exist for a good reason.

For example, there is a brand centered on communications. Its brand manifesto should strive to connect people around the globe not just those in one nation.

Having a clearly defined purpose is the heart of any great brand manifesto.


A directionless brand is a worthless brand. The entire reason to have a manifesto is to present a clear picture of where a brand is going to go. This is where innovation and creativity come into play.

The direction of a given brand should be clear and concise. It should also be forward-thinking. A wise company will craft a brand manifesto that looks ten or even twenty years ahead.

Emotional Resonance

One’s brand manifesto should pack a strong emotional punch. This should be done in a very concise manner. There is no point in beating around the bush, hit the right emotional points from the jump.

Some companies have this down to a science. Their entire marketing strategy is centered around a brief but emotionally powerful impact. Even a single sentence can resonate with millions of people. 

A hollow and emotionless brand manifesto is deadly. It could erode an entire brand before one’s very eyes. 

A simple yet emotionally powerful statement must be made. One’s entire brand manifesto may rest on this statement. The statement itself should cause large amounts of emotional resonance.

People all over the world need a reason to care about a brand. One that has a manifesto centered on money or that lacks emotion will flounder. A brand with a manifesto rich in emotion will succeed.

Elevate Your Brand

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A company’s brand manifesto is the face they show to the world. This face should be bold and attention-grabbing. People should be able to instantly identify it. 

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