After 22 years in business, we decided the time had come to rebrand our company. Not just an update to our logo or a simple brand refresh, but a complete rebuild from the ground up. New name, new corporate entity, new positioning, new visual identity, new systems and billing, new website — the works!

This is our story…

When I started Malouin Marketing in 1996, I was an independent consultant. I had just come off of a three-year corporate gig as a director of marketing of a regional healthcare system and I was trying my hand at consulting. It was just me and my reputation, and name recognition meant everything for acquiring new business.

Through time, my team grew and my services expanded beyond marketing to include a full suite of strategic communication and public relations services. For my loyal clients, some of whom we’ve worked with for more than 20 years, it didn’t matter that we’d outgrown our identity. They knew us and the work we did. However, when bidding on new business, it could be challenging to tell our story. The company identity was no longer a good reflection of who we were, or what we did. The reality was that our brand identity just wasn’t keeping pace with the trajectory of our business.

We were suffering from a brand identity crisis.

So, after much consideration and months of preparation, earlier this month, we officially launched our new brand, Incricia.  And, while we are still transitioning to our new identity, we’d like to share with you some lessons we learned along the way:

  • Don’t Wait Until Your Brand Becomes Irrelevant – Your business can’t move forward unless your brand continually evolves.
  • Do Make Your Brand a Priority – Brand development should be in lock-step with your strategic business objectives and take equal priority.
  • Don’t Forget Positioning and Messaging – Brands often are too focused on the logo and visuals when rebranding, but the messaging can be even more important.
  • Do Follow a Launch Plan – Rebranding is not something you slap together overnight. Be prepared, develop a timeline, and plan when and how you rebrand.
  • Don’t Skimp on Communication –Don’t only focus on external audiences and clients — make sure your internal team understands why you are rebranding and feels good about the change.
  • Do Leave Room for Growth – Make sure your brand will scale with your growth plans.
  • Don’t Just Focus on Today – Think about and plan for what you want the brand to be in the future.
  • Do Be Authentic – Stay true to your corporate culture and discover your authentic brand voice.
  • Don’t Be Boring – Customers connect with brands that have a personality, and rebranding is an opportunity to engage on a new level.

Are you ready for a rebrand? We can help with ideation, design, positioning and messaging, and more. Contact us for a free consultation.