More managers and executives are beginning to emerge. As of now, 30% of millennials hold managerial-level roles. Does this sound like you? If so, advancing in your career is integral. But there’s no way to advance and make connections without marketing yourself.

LinkedIn is a classic way to market yourself to other professionals in your niche. But the LinkedIn market can become oversaturated. Are there other ways to market yourself? Whether you’re at the C-suite or you’re aiming to get there, you have many executive branding strategies other than LinkedIn.

Here’s how to promote yourself and your skills to other professionals.

Have a Website

The first step in branding yourself as an executive is having a website. But many professionals avoid this step, even the CEO. They think creating a website is either too difficult, too expensive, or maybe even both. The truth is, it’s easy to get a website and hosting is more affordable than you think.

But creating a website is only the beginning. You’ll want a great website design that’s attractive, easy to navigate, and is optimized for the mobile user. Most website platforms have themes you can install or you can hire a designer.

When you create the best-looking website, content is your next priority. Which brings us to our next point.

Create Content

Content is still king, in 2021 and beyond. Just about all thought leaders create some type of content, whether they write blogs or release regular podcasts. Content creation not only establishes you as a credible corporate executive but you can deliver the content those in your niche and other executives are looking for.

What type of content should you create? We already mentioned blogging and podcasts. Other great types of content include whitepapers, seminars/webinars, and even email newsletters.

How do you promote your content? Do you have to use social media platforms such as LinkedIn? There are many content promotion ideas, such as SEO, PR, and more. This also brings us to our next point

Invest in PR

Public relations (PR) is the best way to put yourself in the eyes of the media. A PR specialist will create press releases and a media kit to deliver your profile, company growth, and business details to the media. They will pitch your story to TV programs, radio shows, newspapers, magazines, and online websites.

While PR doesn’t guarantee a spot in the media, it can make you look more legitimate and you’ll have better luck getting your story out there.

Seek Assistance From a Branding Firm

Have you created a website and produced content, all with no luck? It may be time to seek help from a branding firm. They will help you create a personal brand (which includes your aesthetic as well as your voice) based on your current as well as your market.

From here, they will create a marketing plan as well as a timeline where you can track your results.

We Can Help You Excel at Executive Branding

If you’re a manager, C-suite executive, or business owner, you’ll gain many benefits with executive branding. If you’re relying on LinkedIn, we can help take your brand to the next level with branding and PR services.

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