This year, 81 percent of consumers say that they must trust a brand before they buy from them. The best way to build trust with your audience is by implementing an effective brand awareness campaign. You may be wondering, “what is brand awareness?”

Brand awareness refers to a consumer’s ability to recognize a brand under different circumstances. This is important for any brand, as the marketing landscape is everchanging.

Here are five must-know tips that will help increase your brand recognition among valuable audiences.

Know Your Why

What is your brand’s story? When you find the answer to why your product or service exists, promote it.

Remember that consumers are average people, and they will connect with your humanity. The reasoning behind your brand should be well-known among your audience. By promoting your “why,” this will allow consumers to better recall and recognize your brand and all it stands for across multiple platforms.

Communicate With Your Consumers

One of the most important aspects of effective brand awareness is a brand’s ability to connect with consumers. To build a loyal audience, build authentic communication to show the faces and values behind the brand.

Through online chatrooms, it’s easier than ever to communicate with your consumers. Consider adding a live chat feature to your website if you don’t already have one. If you’re looking to directly message your consumers, consider email marketing. Check out this article on how to effectively use email for brand awareness.

Use Social Media

This year, the active amount of social media users has passed the 3.8 billion mark. For an effective brand awareness campaign, you must use social media to reach this massive audience.

Today, social media apps can target your most viable audience and push your advertisements to their feeds. Social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook also make it easy to receive candid feedback from consumers. By connecting with this viable audience, you’re more likely to create sustainable brand awareness.

Be Consistent

With branding, one of the most important aspects is to be consistent. With so much competition out there, your brand can’t afford to be swept into the same category as the clutter.

Remember, consistency is key when trying to increase brand visibility.  If your brand messaging is conflicting, how can you expect consumers to grasp the power of your high-quality products or services?

Determine early on what makes your brand unique and stick to it. When your audience encounters your brand on separate platforms or occasions, this will help them better recognize it.


Once you have a successful brand awareness campaign in place, this is only the beginning. To be a leader in your industry, you must evolve with the times.

As a brand, consumer loyalty and community should be your top priority. The only way to build sustainable relationships is by growing with your audience. Let their needs, wants, and feedback guide you on how to progress.

Be sure to evaluate your brand awareness campaign on a regular basis. While you may think it’s flawless, the numbers don’t lie. Read this article for how to measure brand awareness and success with your campaigns.

Start Building Brand Awareness Today

Now that you know the basics for building brand awareness, what are you waiting for? There is no better time to build a loyal audience than right now.

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